Our Team

Growers Express was founded in 1987 by eight produce growers who believed in a few simple values – producing premium fresh vegetables, ensuring a consistent year-round supply and providing superior customer service. Our owners have used their three generations of farming wisdom – and their enduring respect for the land they steward – to make Growers Express one of the nation’s largest suppliers of top quality fresh vegetables. Green Giantâ„¢ Fresh selected Growers Express to exclusively license branded lettuces and mixed vegetables to pack under their label. All Growers Express products, and farming practices, adhere to the same stringent quality standards and guidelines that Green Giantâ„¢ Fresh follows.

Our executive team at Growers Express – headquartered in Salinas, CA – bring their shared passion and experience together to continually grow and evolve the company into the future.

Mark Dendle

Tom Byrne

Kirk Wagner
General Counsel & SVP, Legal

Tristan Simpson
SVP Sales & Marketing

William Cheung
Vice President IT