About Us

Growers Express was founded in 1987 by eight produce growers who all believed in the same worthy values—producing and providing their own premium quality products, ensuring a consistent year-round supply and offering superior customer service.

Our owners have taken three generations of farming knowledge—and respect for the land they all hold in the highest regard—and fostered it into one of the largest suppliers of fresh vegetables in the nation.

Headquartered in California’s fertile Salinas Valley, we’ve developed a growing model that migrates to different regions throughout the year growing primarily in California, Arizona and Mexico. This model allows us to consistently grow and distribute 30-plus commodities on a year-round basis.

Growers Gives Back

Supporting our local community is important to us at Growers Express, and we’re committed to giving back. Among our many ongoing philanthropic efforts are sponsoring multiple events and programs throughout the year including local high school sports teams, yearbooks and scholarships, as well as contributing to a variety of worthy community organizations, associations and programs.

Community gardens are also a passion that we started many years ago by working with local schools and community members to help them develop their own garden program. In addition to hands-on training, we regularly donate a variety of transplants, and essential items like top soil, fertilizer, compost bins and other gardening tools and materials that help them caretake their new gardens.

We support the agriculture industry that is so vital and important to us. The California Agricultural Leadership Foundation is a program committed to leadership training and transformational learning experiences for emerging agricultural leaders. The program mission of growing leaders who will make a difference in the agricultural industry is a cause that we are very proud to support.