Founded in 1987, Growers Express, LLC (GE) is a farmer-owned grower, packer and shipper of premium-quality fresh vegetables who grow over 40 vegetable items year round for nationwide distribution.

For over three decades, our family of growers has been committed to the adherence of rigorous agricultural standards to ensure all of our vegetables are the most wholesome and highest quality fresh vegetables available.

Located in Salinas, CA, also referred to as the “salad bowl of the world,” in 1995, GE became a licensed partner of Green Giant™ Fresh—the exclusive fresh produce arm of the iconic Green Giant® brand.

Purpose:  Sparking healthier lifestyles through the discovery and enjoyment of quality, nutritious foods

Vision:  Growing next generation healthful foods

Values:  Integrity and Fairness, Teamwork, Innovation and Efficiency and Relationships


Grower Express provides a full line of commodity and value added vegetable blends, including traditional favorites, as well as popular on-trend items.

Each product is planted and cultivated using traditional farming methods, combined with the latest technology in harvesting, cooling and packing. Additionally, our premium packaging offers the best protection of—and extended shelf life for—our freshly harvested products.

We take great care to harvest and pack our products to ensure our customers receive the freshest quality products for their shoppers. Keeping our finger on the pulse of the consumer, we are continually innovating nutritious, time-saving and easy to use unique blends and mixes, many of which can be steamed right in their package.

From delicious and nutritious meal ingredients and side dishes, to special occasion culinary masterpieces as well as everyday meal inspirations, our Growers Express and Green Giant™ Fresh vegetables bring consistent quality and flavor to every plate, all year round. That’s quality you can taste, from a brand you can trust.

Distribution Centers: Salinas, Oxnard, Yuma & Maine. Click here to view map (of West Coast locations).


For nearly three decades, our Growers Express family of growers has been committed to the adherence of rigorous agricultural standards to ensure all of our vegetables are the freshest, most wholesome and highest quality vegetables available.

In 1995, Growers Express became a licensed partner of Green Giant™—one of the nation’s most recognized and trusted brands. Green Giant™ Fresh became the exclusive fresh produce division of the iconic Green Giant™ brand.  We also launched our new organic line, Farm Day Organic, in 2015.

Click here for an overview of Growers Express premium value added and commodity fresh vegetables.

Growing Practices

Sustainability is important to Growers Express. We strive to provide our customers with high quality produce that are grown with minimal environmental impact. We are committed to reducing waste, limiting the use of precious resources, and fostering a culture of sustainability in all areas of our business…all of which continue to reduce our carbon footprint.

Food Safety

  • Strict Standards—Our operation complies with the stringent Green Giant™ Fresh standards, which is run in collaboration with B&G Foods—the owner of the Green Giant™ brand
  • LGMA—Growers Express is a member of the CA and AZ LGMA. Our CEO, Jamie Strachan, serves as Chairman and our VP Food Safety & Technical Services, Brian Stepien, is a Technical Committee Member
  • State of the Art Internal Auditing and Inspection Program (Audit Trac)—Online auditing program allows for instant reporting and corrective action generation and tracking
  • Traceability—100% of our grown product is labeled with TrueTrac™ case identity labels according to PTI Best Practices



To support our mission, we’ve created an internal sustainability team consisting of representatives from all areas of our business. We believe our commitment to this endeavor will benefit our business, our employees, our community and our planet.

Specifically, we’ve implemented the following measures:

Growing Practices

  • Drip irrigation, which limits water use and controls use of excessive amounts of water we use during the growing process
  • Soil mapping of our growing areas; identifies our water needs in an effort to avoid waste
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices reduce our chemical applications to only the amount necessary
  • Disease-resistant and water-efficient seed varieties minimize our environmental impact

Cooling and Packing Facilities

  • Modification of facility lighting at our Distribution Center reduced energy use by 50% from previous levels
  • Smart energy use – running equipment during off-peak hours saves cost and energy
  • Automation of our cooling equipment reduces our energy use by 181,000 kilowatt-hours annually

Packaging Choices

  • All of our rigid plastic packaging material is made of recycled PET or rPET, which is made of recycled bottles and is 100% recyclable
  • We’re doing a life cycle analysis on our packaging using specialized software used to measure environmental impact of our packaging material; this software takes into consideration raw material sourcing, processing and distribution of these materials