About Us

Growers Express was founded in 1987 by eight produce growers who all believed in the same worthy values—producing and providing their own premium quality products, ensuring a consistent year round supply and offering superior service.

Our owners have taken three generations of farming knowledge—and respect for the land they all hold in the highest regard—and fostered it into one of the largest suppliers of fresh vegetables in the nation. Unlike many shippers who have grown in size, but don’t grow most of their products, the vast majority of produce we grow and ship annually still comes from our farms.

Headquartered in California’s fertile Salinas Valley, our total year-round ground base exceeds 40,000 acres. In order to continually offer our 40-plus commodities on a year-round basis, we’ve developed a growing model that migrates to different regions throughout the year growing primarily in California, Arizona and Mexico. Recently, Growers Express has developed regional herb growing and packing locations serving the entire U.S. with a line of 15 specialty conventional and organic fresh herbs.

Growing a wide range of premium quality vegetables, our largest volume items are iceberg, romaine hearts, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, green onions, celery and herbs. Our line of products is complimented with a full line of bunched items, as well as several value-added items and meal solutions which we are continually innovating.

Green Giant™ Fresh selected Growers Express to exclusively license branded lettuces and mixed vegetables to their impressive line in 1995. All of our products adhere to the same stringent growing and harvesting guidelines as Green Giant Fresh, as well as meeting their product quality and flavor standards. Green Giant quality serves as an excellent foundation for private brand programs, as well.